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Creating the only new golf culture in korea xgolf has planted deep roots
Online tee-time booking service

XGOLF was conceived to achieve mass golf popularization. customer focused and customer-centric
providing a necessary service so that golf booking can be done easily anytime anywhere.
Our aim is to make golf a sport anyone can enjoy.

Expanding the variety of golf content

XGOLF aims to create a diverse mix of content from golf tournaments, customized order booking,
and industry expositions anyone can attend. Based on fresh new ideas, challenging spirits, and goal oriented thinking
we will continue to expand korean golf content.

Fostering future golf industry professionals

We are focused on hiring and training a talented workforce with an expertise to lead a constantly evolving
and changing golf culture. Employee satisfaction improves the quality of end-user customer service.
XGOLF will be the number one in human resource development.

Low price guarantee for our customers

When choosing a golf course to play, there are many factors, such as the quality of the golf course and
level of customer service. but the most important factor is satisfaction in the price of green fees.
We maintain the highest level of satisfaction by implementing a lowest price guarantee in our dedicated platform.

Business Model

Korea’s no. 1 golf platform business, XGOLF
  • No. 1 golf tee time booking service

    Through advanced booking engines and mobile and pc platforms xgolf provides the most stable and consistent booking service to customers

    through our many golf course memberships and high level of deposits only xgolf can offer good tee times to customers at many different price points

  • Multiple content development

    Provinding a stable service to customers who understand golf as content, and not a form of exercise.

    Constantly developing new golf campaigns to deliver a high quality experience

  • Deploying an effective offline business

    Leveraging the xgolf online platform to successfully operate and manage a golf driving range.

    Offering consignment management services to other golf courses and driving ranges in need of management improvement

No. 1 golf reservation booking service
  • Booking service

    Real-time, same day reservation service

  • Golf packages

    Stay and play packages including rooms

  • 1-person reservation service

    Solo golfer reservation and join!

Unique content development
  • Selected as one of the top-10 golf courses for customer satisfaction.

    업계 최초 고객중심 골프장 선정

  • Campaign to allow short-pants on the course

    Leading to a more pleasant and enjoyable golfing culture

  • Golf fairs, exhibitions, and expositions

    XGOLF hosts, organizes, and actively operates the largest golf consumer events in korea

Effective and unique offline business development
  • Golf course consignment operation

    Expanding xgolf’s reach to provide customers the best quality service

  • Golf driving range consignment operation

    Leveraging the xgolf platform to drive traffic and promote unique golf content

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